Sodium Hexametaphosphate


Sodium Hexametaphosphate

Used as high efficient additive of water softner and detergent in cooling water treatment in power station, vehicle, boiler and fertilizer plant. As flotation agent in ore dressing industry and as sedative in pharmaceutical. And also used in fabric dyeing, leather, paper-making, soil analysis, radition chemical, analytical chemistry, etc.


Name: Sodium Hexametaphosphate Tech Grade

CAS No.: 10124-56-8
Molecular formula: (NaPO3)n
Property: Transparent glass flaky or white powdery crystal. Strong hygroscopicity, easy to decompose in the air, easily soluble in water; the aqueous solution is acid.

Executive standard:  HG/T 2519-2017

Packing and Storage


Paper bag or PP-PE bag

Net weight 25kg, 1000kg per bag, or based on the customers' requirements.


 Avoid rain during the transportation, pay attention to damp and damp and pollution, prohibit to store and transport with toxic substances and other pollutants. Please keep in dry and ventilated warehouse, and equipped with under lay to prevent damp.


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