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A Professional Supplier of Phosphate Chemicals in China.

Focused on Phosphate Chemicals since 2003

We has two phosphate production bases in Sichuan and Shandong provinces, one of the largest and most competitive manufacturer of Phosphate in China.

Theone Reputation

Theone bears the seal of the quality,theone Brand has been associated with high quality products in many countries and regions. By now it has won recognition from buyers of 60 countries around the world.

Convenient Logistics

With the warehouses in Fangcheng, Tianjin, Shanghai port, which ensure the efficient and convenient logistics to the port all over the world.


More Than 20 Years of Export Trading Experience

With more than 15 years of experience in export trading, our team has a comprehensive quality control process and quality control regulation to meet the quality requirements of our customers.



Main Products

Products                                                        Capacity/a (MT)

Phosphoric acid (PA)                                  80,000

Sodium Tripolyphosphate  (STPP)           30,000

Sodium Hexameta Phosphate (SHMP)   20,000

Trisodium Phosphate (TSP)                       10,000

Disodium Phosphate (DSP)                       10,000

Monosodium Phosphate (MSP)               10,000


Our Certification

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SINOCMC COC-certification
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